Kiteboarding Lessons By Roberto! In Muskegon 1-847-477-2976

Realistically everyone should take 2 lessons - there is too much to learn in one day. With a 3 lesson program most people really get it "wired" and go home with very complete knowledge and confidence. Students with wakeboarding or snowboarding experience get up to speed faster, often getting extended rides on the second day. The use of a trainer kite before lesson can accelerate the learning curve as well.

I would suggest trying to complete at least the beginner lesson (where the focus is safety, theory, basic kite skills, body dragging) and an intermediate lesson (where we focus on riding skills and continue with water safety knowledge). There is really no way for someone to get the knowledge you need to be safe in one class - there is simply too much to learn in one day.

Please read the following information (that talks a little more about the lesson plans, and things you need to do to prepare for class) carefully, and read the website thoroughly.

To reserve a spot you will need to place a $50/day/student deposit. If for some unusual reason the class does not happen through some fault of ours you get your deposit back no problem, (less a $10 service charge if paid thru Paypal to cover their fees). During the busy months weekday lessons are always better since there are less people on the water and on the beach.

You can place a deposit through using my email address, , as the "recipient"

Without a deposit confirmation I cannot hold dates.