Kitesurfing School

Kitesurfing 2006 was a mess of fun. And I MEAN mess....Thanks for being patient while we were overwhelmed with the turnout. Than you Zap Skimboards,Oakely,Reef,X-trax stomp pads and City of Grand Haven. We raised almost 500 bucks for lukemia lymphoma society. Good work my Monkeys! Click the pics below in the photo album for bigger size. More pics to come at kitesurfing Thailand Phuket.



10-under: 1st-Dane Gillen , 2nd- Danny Graves, 3rd- Phillip Apol

11-13: 1st-Tanner berg ,2nd-Dakota Smith, 3rd Brandon Deneff

14-17: 1st-Kris Talaga, 2nd-Dillon Krupp, 3rd Mr. Mac-attack!

18+ : 1st-Jobin (cory) Kuiper, 2nd Matt Smolenski,3rd Mike Brown

Girls: 1st Katie Sulski, 2nd-Taylor Forrest, 3rd Franny Weber

Congrats to Everyone!

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